About Me 

Hi, Sanu here. Welcome to Ecommerce BTS (Behind The Scenes).  Let me start off by sharing with you a little about myself.  My background is in science, and I have a diploma in laboratory technology.  However like a lot of people I never ended up pursuing a career in my field. I have been exploring the e-commerce and blog world for a while now and learned along the way. 

My husband has a digital marketing firm (www.4eyedmedia.ca) and from time to time I try to help out in the back end and that is how I met my first e-commerce client. From that experience I felt the need to start a blog that helps e-commerce business owners launch and grow their online businesses.  

My goal for this website is for it be a helpful resource to anyone already in the e-commerce business or anyone looking to start.  Now I am far from a know it all, and I am also learning new things everyday. That's what life is about. So I will be bringing on experts and other successful e-commerce business owners to share with our readers how they were able to create their brand and what it takes to run a thriving e-commerce business.

Do you know a successful e-commerce owner or an expert?

I am looking to interview e-commerce owners and experts for the blog. If you are or know a successful e-commerce business owner or an expert in an e-commerce related field, and would like to share your knowledge, advice or story on the blog, please use the contact form below and tell me about yourself. I would love to feature you on E-commerce BTS.

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